Crocosmia: You Can Grow That!

Crocosmia is a slender, tall perennial that takes up little room in your garden, though it makes a big impact. It is a cousin of the Gladiola and had a very similar growing habit and appearance.

Like most bulbs, Crocosmia is a "set it and forget it" plant. My favorite kind! You just plant the bulb in the spring or fall and wait for it to come up in summer.

It prefers full to part sun and medium amount of moisture. Try to plant it where it will get decent drainage as it can rot in heavy, wet clay soils.

Crocosmia forms clumps and every three years or so you can divide it in early spring to share it with a gardening friend or to spread it around your own garden.

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' makes a great cut-flower, but I like to leave it out in the garden as hummingbirds are attracted to it and there is not much else that blooms in that brilliant, show-stopping red.

Crocosmia is also available in a number of other hot-colored varieties, but 'Lucifer' is the most commonly sold and easiest to find in garden centers and bulb catalogs.

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