Fenton Friday: Green Beans and Tomatoes (no Ham)

 This week in my plot at the Fenton Community Garden, I was able to pick a second quart of 'Kentucky Wonder' green beans. (The first quart I picked the day I left for the annual Garden Writers Symposium and gave to my neighbor/cat sitter as I was running out the door.) They were more than enough for a big dinner for myself and were delicious. If I'm lucky I may get a third quart off the plants before they are spent and I will have to pull them out.

My tomatoes are all ripening at once, it seems. The 'Evergreen' tomato though is a bit of a puzzler. How do you know when a green tomato is actually ripe? I tried one about a month ago and it was definitely not ready. As you see pictured here they are now beyond green and getting into the yellow-orange range. I left a few on the vine past this point and they rotted, so I feel fairly sure this is as ripe as they are going to get. I ate one of them and it was "okay" -- not sure I'll grow this one again.

How is your edible garden growing this week?


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