Fenton Friday: Seedlings UP

Radish seedlings
This week brought the winds. The poor little seedlings are just poking through the soil at my Fenton Community Garden plot and the 35+ mph winds have been relentlessly beating them down over the past few days. I have tried to get over to the plot and give them a bit of extra water whenever I can.

The peas, radish, spinach, and turnip seedlings are all popping up in good numbers. Soon I will need to thin them. The carrots, lettuce, and arugula are not really showing yet, but I'll give them in extra week or so before I panic and re-plant them.

My aspargus is pretty well done and the broccoli is starting to slowly form heads. A nice surprise today was seeing that the strawberry plants have already started to bloom.

How is your edible garden growing?

Strawberry plants already flowering


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