Fenton Friday: Broccoli In, First Asparagus

'Packman' Broccoli
I ate my first asparagus from the garden plot -- two spears that I gobbled raw right there at Fenton Community Garden, so no photos to share with you. After waiting 2+ years for my first harvestable asparagus, I could not wait any longer.

This week I out in a 6-pack of 'Packman' broccoli seedlings that I bought at American Plant nursery. Since I have not had much luck with broccoli in the fall, I decided to take a chance on growing it in spring. I covered them with reemay fabric in hopes of keeping cabbage worms and other pests off them. I hope they form nice heads before the summer heat sets in.

I think my pea seedlings are starting to come up, but they are so tiny that I will have to wait a few more days to see if that is them or if they are returning weeds.

What is growing in your edible garden this week?


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