Looking for Spring on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Daffodil 'February Gold'
It is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day again! On the 15th of each month, we gardeners from all over the world share a few bloom photos on our blogs. Pictured above are the few things I have in bloom in my garden on the Mid-Atlantic USA (USDA zone 7) on the DC-MD border.

This has been the latest ever for my 'February Gold' Daffodils to bloom and they are just starting to open today. The first day of Spring is next Thursday and we seem to be 2-3 weeks behind our normal schedule. As a perpetual procrastinator, I'm not minding that so much in that it gives me more time for my late Winter garden clean up and pruning. However, the cold, overcast dreary days are certainly wearing on my attitude. I find trouble motivating myself and longing for the feeling of sun on my bare skin.

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?


chloris said…
Oh dear things are late for you. Never mind Narcissus 'February Gold' will soon be out.
Jean Campbell said…
February Gold was late at my place, too. Spring is kind of uncertain this year. Even the plants are not sure what to do.
mcoling said…
Some yellow crocus and also some purple in the last few days. Just noticed the miniature irises today.
saltydad said…
My garden is behind
yours, Kathy. I have no looms at present, but my hardy water lilies are growing!
saltydad said…
Thank you all for stopping by an sharing. I did also find one tiny Primrose in bloom and some Hellebore flowers (bured in the leaf litter) - giving me more hope that spring will soon be here!
Jan said…
I think that is the variety of daff that first opens in my yard, too...and I found only 1 with a yellow 'bud' forming but not open. The rest are still green shoots sticking up. And to top it off, how do you like the 7" of snow we just got last night? Now you can't see any of those blooms, I'll bet!
You are right, Jan -- all blooms buried by late St. Pat's Day snow -- Jack Frost is sure getting on my nerves this year!

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