Voila! Violas

On this unusually chilly and windy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, my outdoor garden is fairly bloom-free. In DC/MD Zone 7 at this time in past year, I still had some summer annuals going! But this past month has been one of frigid temps and early ice storms, bah humbug! I'm hardly able to get out and do anything due to the frozen ground. Glad I got my spring-blooming bulbs in early, at least.

I thought I might have no outdoor flowers to report this month, but I actually found two bloomers:

Hellebore aka Christmas Rose

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?


Carol said…
I love the hellebores that bloom in the winter time. Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
DBC said…
Jacob Hellebores, Yuletide Camellia, August Moon Camellia, Pansies
Thanks for stopping by on Bloom Day, DBC and Carol. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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