Gazebo Gazing on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

For this month's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day share, I decided to take a walk around the plantings at the base of my gazebo to see what was flowering there. The gazebo is in part-shade and generally is a little more protected from the elements than the rest of the garden. Here are the four blooming plants I found:

Nippon Daisy

Toad Lily
Encore Azalea

Annual Salvia
Elsewhere in the garden, we got zapped by a wintry freeze this week. I have lost some summer annuals, but others hang on -- including some wave petunias, begonias, sunflowers, nicotiana, and even a few zinnias. I will probably clear them all out this weekend though as we have also had very little rain and I don't think it is worth continuing to water them at this point in the season.

What is blooming in YOUR garden today?


Lea said…
Very nice!
I especially like the encore azalea.
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Helen said…
It would be very pleasant to sit in that gazebo with you and admire your blooms, Dee. Lots going on – long may it continue. Happy Blooms Day.
Helen said…
And, of course, I know you are Kathy, not Dee. Like a bee, I'm buzzing around too many gardens today!
Thanks for stopping by, Lea and Helen. And, no problem with the name mix-up, I certainly know what a busy bee you are!
I may be too late but I got to say that the flowers in your gazebo are quite beautiful. I’m searching a new topic for my blog, it's all about home and garden. I got a plenty of time for another topic but amaze to see your idea. I’m looking forward to read more from you.
Gazebo Lover said…
Love it! Gazebos are a wonderful place to find (and plant) beautiful flowers and often overlooked! Your encore azalea is especially nice... :-) Thank you for sharing and best of luck come spring!

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