Fenton Friday: Pepper Envy

So the only pepper I planted at my Fenton Community Garden plot this year was an ornamental one (pictured above). It is one of the series related to 'Black Pearl.' It is doing very well covered in black and red peppers and dark foliage marking the front boundary of my plot. As it is ornamental, it is technically edible, but likely hot but tasteless.

Judging from how well it did and looking around at other plot garden neighbors, I definitely missed the boat and should have planted some sweet peppers. I had tried them last year and not had much luck, so I decided to give them a pass this year. I love sweet peppers though and the can be quite pricey, so I have learned my lesson and will try again next year.

Meanwhile, I'll consider bringing this ornamental in as a houseplant this winter if I have the window space left from all my other over-wintering plants, forced bulbs, and coleus cuttings.

What do you regret not planting this season?


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