Fenton Friday: Summer Bounty Begins

The monsoon-like rains ended and the weather turned hot and sultry this weekl. The lettuce has turned bitter so I'm ripping most of it out and giving it away to those who don't mind bitter greens, but am leaving a couple plants to bolt and set seed so I can collect it for this fall and our winter Seed Exchanges.

I have been loving my purple bush bean harvests. Got two big waves and now is starting to end. I expect by next week that I will rip it out and the melon seedlings will be able to take over that space. I was disappointed to find that the beans turn green when cooked. I had read that in the descriptions, but somehow was still surprised when it happened.

The first tomatoes ripened this week as well. I have one plant each of 'Sun Gold' and 'Sun Sugar,' both are sweet, yellow cherry varieties. I get a couple a day to snack on, which is just my speed. Also, the "wild" self-sown currant tomato (which may be a 'Sweet 100' cousin) has started to ripen up and is a nice addition to my snacking-while-gardening menu.

The Nasturtium flowers are blooming and a few self-sown, hot pink Zinnias popped up. Together they are a pretty addition to the plot. I'm not that fond of the strong peppery taste of Nasturtiums, though I do like their looks as an edible garnish.

What is growing in your edible garden this week?


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