Fenton Friday: Seedlings Emerge!

Pea seedlings

Radish seedlings

This week was a crazy one at the Fenton Community Garden plot. We hit record high temps for early April in the Mid-Atlantic -- in the low 90s for three days in a row. That helped warm up the soils a bit. The really bad part was for the whole week we had ZERO rainfall and constant winds. I watered my emerging seedlings daily, but it felt like throwing pebbles at a T-Rex (futile). The ground became almost rock hard. Thankfully, last night the rains finally came and all is well again.


Janet Young said…
How can I get a reply about magazine issues not sent since January?
Hi Janet -

Here is the full contact info:

Kathy Jentz
Washington Gardener Magazine
826 Philadelphia Ave.
Silver Spring MD 20910

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