Fenton Friday: And Speaking of Spinach...

I braved the cold winds to start up my plot for a third year at the Fenton Community Garden. I'll be posting every Friday about what edibles I'm growing in my 10x20 plot. Hope you join me and also let me know what you are growing too!

And speaking of spinach... (see our last blog post for the Spinach growing tips video), I took off the cover cloth to reveal my spinach plants not only overwintered, but looks pretty darn good too. I tasted one leaf and it was nice and sweet. I have enough to make a decent salad with, so I'll save them for when my niece's visit this Easter weekend as they are big green eaters.

Under the cloth as well were six big Calabrese broccoli plants. They were full of small heads and just on the verge of bolting (going to flower and then setting seed). I ripped them all out and now have a big pot of tender heads that I'll have with pasta and butter sauce tonight for dinner.

I weeded a bit then out in two types of sugarsnap peas. Both varieties I had been sent to trial. One is Renee's Garden 'Sugar Daddy' snap peas and the other Peaceful Valley 'Oregon Sugar Pod II' peas. I put one on one side of the trellis and the other opposite it. One is bush-forming and the other should keep on producing new peas until the heat of summer moves in.

To label the peas, I made my own new signage. I go to a lot of meetings so collect many plastic badge holders (if the event doesn't recycle them). I use them for our annual Seed Exchange and other events, but still have plenty extra. So I took a few and pulled off the bulldog clips, then I inserted the now-empty seed packs. I then took the sticks off some political fans I got this summer at various local parades and inserted them inside to act as stakes. I hope they last as long as the plants do.


Anonymous said…
My Spinach survived the winter, too. Harvested it last week. Best tasting spinach ever!

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