Fenton Friday: Sweet Potato Bounty

I dug out the Sweet Potatoes from my community garden plot today. I grew one hill of 'Beauregard' and the other of 'All Purple.' Both from slips courtesy of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. As you can see by the pictures, one variety is much bigger than the other. I think 'Beauregard' should be renamed 'Big Boy.' I'm now curing them in my sunroom.

As I carried the big harvest basket across the street back to my house, I was stopped by a young student walking to Montgomery College down the street. "What beautiful colors!" she exclaimed. And indeed, my garden haul today, in addition to the sweet potatoes, was a lovely combination of the latest fall fashion hues.

Here is a Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumber (Melothria scabra). I grew it at my community garden plot and finally got a few tiny guys to show for it this past week. I ate one - very nice - more like a pickle than a cucumber.


Shyra said…
Wow! That is definitely an amazing post. I am very happy on your harvest. Glad that you shared this post.

Shyra @ www.ecarport.com.au/

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