Fenton Friday: Sweet Potato Eruption

I have re-buried this sweet potato mound twice, but it has broken way above the soil's surface again. I think it is time I just harvest them, but it still seems a bit early. Any tips from veteran sweet potato gardeners?

The rest of my community garden plot at the Fenton Street Garden is humming along. I have been snacking on more okra, another cucumber, some small tomatoes, and a few carrots.

My spinach seedlings almost dried out in this hot, windy week. I need to keep a better eye on them as well as add a fabric row cover as other gardeners are reporting harlequin bug problems in their plots.

The honeydew melon vine is finally setting fruit. The eggplants look past their prime, I suppose I should pick and use them too. The tomatillo plant has about 30 fruits ripening on it, but still at least a week or two from being ready to use in a salsa.

Finally, as promised, I let some of the 'Indigo Rose' tomatoes go until dead ripe. Here it is pictured whole and cut open. As you can see, the purple color is only skin deep. The tomato itself tastes "okay" -- not sweet enough for me to snack on, but would be fine cut up in a salad.


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