Fenton Friday: Anticipating Autumn

The broccoli seedlings are popping up and I still need to seed my spinach and other cool weather crops.

Meanwhile, I FINALLY got one scrawny cucumber off my vine. So I picked it and sliced it up. Then I put the slices on top a toasted bagel smeared with cream cheese. This is the quintessential summer meal to me, much like a good grilled cheese in the depth of winter. Another cucumber is forming, maybe that can be another lunch sandwich by next week.
 The tomato plants are really starting to produce. Picture here are the Yellow Pear. So sweet and delicious to snack on that they rarely make it out of the garden plot and home to my kitchen.

I've also been snacking on raw okra, carrots, and made a meal of some of my 'German Butterball' potatoes (boiled and then added a dollop of butter and some seasoning salt-substitute mix).
Also, this week the first watermelon ripened on the wild vine that sprouted up in the communal herb garden corner. We had a gathering to cut it open and sample it. It is a funny yellow-pink combination inside, but is nevertheless sweet and firm of texture. Two more are ripening and should be ready to share in the next week or two.


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