Fenton Friday: Transition Week

bolting radish
This was a week of transition in my community garden plot. As the season starts to heat up, my cool-season edibles are starting to flag. On Sunday, I ripped out all the pea vines as they were slowing down and starting to yellow. As I pulled them out, I harvest another 2 pounds of peas.

Today my radishes start to bolt*, so I yanked all those out too. Must have had at least 50 left, I have been giving them out to whomever likes a bit of "bite" with their salads. I moved the basil that had self-sowed about my plot to the space where the radish had been.

My lettuces are all still looking great. But I fear this weekend's predicted heat and the lack of shade cover from the pea vines, will start them to bolting next. I cut a clump everyday and eat as much as I can and also give it away by the bag full. I wish I could freeze for late summer BLTs!

Next week will be tomato and pepper seedling planting and lots of other new things going in from seed. What is growing in your vegetable plot?

*To "bolt" is to set flowerheads that will turn to seed -- putting energy into seed not fruit or root production.


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