Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day May 2012

Here are a few interesting blossoms in my garden this morning. Took these between the rains. We are finally getting some decent precip here in the Mid-Atlantic USA (Zone 7), not just a few spits here and there. I have so much flowering right now, but this is what caught my eye...

Nigella (Love in a Mist) -- I threw these seeds in my sidewalk median strip a few years ago, they finally came up for me. I love the true-blue color and the delicate foliage of this plant.

Verbena bonariensis (aka Brazilian Verbena or Verbena-on-a-stick) self-seeded along my fence line. I easily weed it out where I don't want it, is a great plant in general. Has a bit of powdery mildew on the lower foliage this year and that has not really happended before.

Bletilla (aka Chinese Ground Orchid) is in a big container now -- may transfer it to a sunny spot after it stops blooming. I got it a few weeks ago at the DCTropics plant swap. Have not grown this before.

Comfrey, the common variety, nothing special, but I just like plants with multi-interest and multi-purposes.

'Scarlet Meidiland' Rose

'Alba Meidiland' Rose

Pawlonia (Princess Tree) - it is an invasive and is coming up within my Lilacs. As soon as it is done blooming I plan to hack it back to the ground. This will be my THIRD attempt to kill it.


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