Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - April 2012

Tulip 'Margarita'
Another sunny, gorgeous Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I'm grateful for the warm temps, but have to say the constant winds and total lack of rain is starting to really depress me. I am so far behind on garden chores as all I have time to do now is get out and water just to keep things barely alive. A good soaking rain on a work day this week would be a Godsend to the entire Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.

Alyssum 'Basket of Gold'

Meanwhile, I thought I'd use this GDDB to share a few things in bloom that folks who visit my garden are asking about. Enjoy and let me know what is blooming in YOUR garden too!

Variegated Solomon's Seal


Nell Jean said…
Great Spring blossoms this Bloom Day! We could all use some rain. It's dry in south Georgia.

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