Fenton Friday: At Last, Asparagus!

Asparagus baby in trench
I finally planted three Asparagus starts at my Fenton Community Garden plot. (See photo here.) I say "finally" as I should have done so last year when we first got into the plots. As it is now, I have to wait 3 more years until I can harvest and eat them. Will I have the patience these next few years to not pick and eat them all? We'll see.

Sweet Pea seedlings

Meanwhile, my row of Sweet Peas are coming up, but none of my Sugar Snap Peas are showing themselves.  I fear this is due to the total lack of rain these past few weeks and that we have no water access yet at the garden and are still awaiting the cistern hook-up. I hand-watered a few times, but my guess is not enough and that the peas have dried out :-(.


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