Fenton Friday: Watermelon "Feast"

Another water-logged week in the Mid-Atlantic, so I'm not doing much over at my Fenton Community Garden plot other than oicking some okra, cherry tomatoes, and corn as well as pulling the occasional weed. I did see that the garlic I planted has popped right up. Maybe next year, I'll have some nice-sized heads.

'Sugar Baby' watermelon on the vine

I also finally picked one of my 'Sugar Baby' watermelons. It never grew much bigger than a large grapefruit and rather than let it rot out there, I figured I might as well cut it and see what is inside. The outside flesh is a very dark green, almost black, which is just as 'Sugar Baby' should be. The inside flesh was red and sweet, though not that much to it really. It has more seeds than I care for when eating it, but I suppose I should collect and save some for the upcoming Washington Gardener Magazine Seed Exchanges this winter. For anyone who wants a "personal-sized" watermelon, this would do well. I think though as I love to snack on watermelon in the summer heat, I'll look for a variety that is a bit bigger, seedless, and ripens earlier in the season.
'Sugar Baby' watermelon cut up


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