Fenton Friday: Waterlogged!

This week I hardly spent anytime outdoors, much less at my plot in the Fenton Street Community Garden. It was one day of torrential downpours after another. Today is no exception. I did get over to the plot yesterday afternoon during a brief reprieve just so I could quickly clean up anything down on the ground and pick a quick collection of things for dinner.

I got another 'Snow Leopard' honeydew melon, this one bigger and even more tastier than the previous ones. I also picked 3 ears of corn, a cup or so of pole beans, more okra, and lots of cracked tomatoes. I discovered one of my beloved 'Sugar Baby' watermelons was rotting and invaded underneath by worms, so I chucked that along with all the crack tomatoes into the compost pile.

When I got home I shucked the corn and found one ear was pretty wormy too so that also went to compost. The other two I cleaned, wrapped in wax paper, and zapped in the microwave together for 4 minutes. The ears are smaller than "store-bought" ones, but the individual kernels are quite plump and large in a golden yellow. With a nice pat of butter, they were so yummy.

I cut up the 'Snow Leopard' honeydew melon and shared a few tiny pieces with the cats. They beg for it and also like to share my cucumbers. Go figure.

The pole beans I cleaned and cut off the ends, then snapped the larger ones in half. I threw them all into a small pot of boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Again, with a nice pat of butter, they hit just the right spot on a cool, wet evening.

What are you picking and eating from your vegetable plots this week?


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