Fenton Friday: Tomato Time!

So finally the tomatoes are doing something! After weeks of piddly fruit and those few I did get all cracking/splitting from the hurricanes/tropical storms, I finally have a good crop ripening all at once. I am surprised to see that many of my fellow Fenton Community Gardeners have already ripped out their tomato plants (fruit and all) and throw them on the compost pile. There is still plenty of life in those vines left folks and I guarantee we'll have more 90+ degree days in the next few weeks as summer is NOT over yet. (Despite what big retailers and marketers would have you believe.) Even if we do not have any more hot days, you can still pick the green one and let them ripen at home or use them "green" in salsa, jams, or other savory recipes. Personally, I'm not pulling my tomatoes until the frost blackens them.


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