Fenton Friday: First Tomato!

Whoo-hoo! Picked my first tomato from my plot at the Fenton Community Garden yesterday. It is a red cherry tomato. The funny thing is the plant it is growing on was labeled "Plum Yellow" and as you see, it is neither a plum nor yellow. It was a free plant I was going to discard actually as I had no interest in cooking with yellow plum tomatoes, but I had the plot space to experiment so thought I'd give it a whirl. Glad I did. Just goes to show you, never believe the label!


Swimray said…
I picked my first cherry tomatoes, too, on Wednesday. And, those white rain lilies that I bought online (label: white) bloomed after the last rain. They were pink.
Swimray said…
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Yes, bulbs often come up indifferent colors than one ordered. I think it is so easy for them to get mixed up in a warehouse or for tags to get transposed. I had one batch of "delft blue" hyacinth come up all pink a few years ago.

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