My Garden's Name Revealed!

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The name for the Washington Gardener Magazine headquarters garden is *drumroll* Fenton Oaks! Slightly anglophilic snobby sounding, but I cogitated on it all weekend and I think it fits the best. I'm the southern end of Fenton Street here is downtown Silver Spring and if you look at an aerial shot of it, you'll see the oaks are a definite stand-out feature from the rest of the area, which is even more barren than when Google satellite images (shown above) were last updated as three of my neighbors have taken down all their trees in the last few months. (Those few street trees that remain were recently mutilated by PEPCO.)

Michelle White of Rockville, MD, submitted the winning entry of Fenton Oaks. She noted, "I know, it's a bit 'lofty' but it's the first thing I see when looking at the photo!" For her efforts. Michelle won a year's subscription to Washington Gardener Magazine.

Listed below here are the garden name choices submitted by contest entrants. Many of them I really liked, but could not choose as they were either taken by other garden bloggers I know or they were too similar to other area gardens and I did not want to cause any confusion. Funny thing is, I googled "Fenton Oaks" and found this mobile home development in Michigan. I'm not too worried about any mix-up between us though.

Submitted Garden Names:

~ Gnome Village

~ Asphalt Borders

~ Urban Oaks

~ Pleasant Corner

~ Urban Joy

~ Little Garden on the Corner

~ Nature's Haven

~ Urban Oasis

~ Urban Magic

~ City Seasons

~ SquirrelHaven

~ Lavender Hill

~ Rose Cottage

~ Small Pond

~ Urban Jungle

~ Hortus in Urbe

~ Plant Collective

~ Versace Green

~ Santino Green

~  The Urban Plot

~ The Garden Plot

~ The Corner Plot

~ The Garden @ Washington Gardener Magazine

~ The Greens at Washington Gardener

~ The Test Fields @ Washington Gardener

~ Fenton Gardens

~ Fenton Greens

~ The Faerie Garden on Fenton

~ Petite Plot @ Washington Gardener

~ Field of Green" @ Washington Gardener

~ Peekaboo Fields

~ Metropolitan Mini Meadow

~ Nature's Urban Preserve

~ Flourish Gardens on Fenton

~ Crossroads Garden

~ Soylent Green

~ Powerful Powerful

~ Frog Haven

~ Garden Magnificent!

~ Quiet Corner

~ Perennial Pathways

~ Purple (lavender) Reign

~ GW Garden as in Garden: Washington

~ The Garden "Around the Corner"

~ Op -Ed Garden

~ Heaven on Earth

~ The Play Grounds

~ Soil Mates' Place

~ Kathy's Garden Lab

~ House of Worm Regards

~ Cultivated Corner

~ Five Oaks Lavender Garden

~ EB's Garden (for Elizabeth Blair (later Lee) who found the Silver Spring)

~  Selim's Solitude (the horse Elizabeth Blair rode)

~  (Dirt, Plots, and Beds)

~  Intrigue (Dirt, Plots, and Beds)

~  Gnome Haven

~  Pentoak Spring

~  Unlikely Garden

~  Surprise Garden

~  Who'd A Thunkit

So, did I make the right choice? What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I love it, and your contest had me thinking what I want to call our little patch of suburbia. :)

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