Fenton Friday: Watering and Weeding

Cucumber Seedlings
 This week at #16 at the Fenton Community Garden plot it was all about watering. With no rain -- not one drop -- in over a week and blazing hot record temps, the garden was extremely thirsty. I was over there daily giving each plant a sip just to keep them alive.

I was happy to see my Cucumber seeds pop up within 3 days of planting them. I planted 'Sugar Baby' Watermelon seeds this week and am salivating over the thought of the fruit in 10-11 weeks!

Bush Beans
One note of bad news, my bush beans are being decimated by some unseen bug. My plot neighbors have all had their bean plant leaves skeletonized as well. There are a couple beans and flowers hanging on my plants, but hardly any leaves left. I may have to pull them up entirely next week.

All the tomato, okra, squash, potato, and other plantings seem to be healthy and insect-free, so I'm not too discouraged.


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