Fenton Friday: Planting and Putzing

Marigold seedlings

Pumpkin 'Summer Ball'

Potato growth emerges

This second week at my Fenton Community Garden garden plot was full of rain, so I hardly got over to the garden. I went once to check on it and weed a bit. Then was back over today to do more planting. First, I put a bright green string around my plot to set it off more as I'm in a middle spot, bordered on 3 sides, and have yet to meet my direct neighbors. Next, I checked on my marigolds and potatoes that I put in last week and was pleased to see they are already up!

Okra, Tomatillo, and Ground Cherries

I planted two each of the following: Okra, Ground Cherry, and Tomatillo. Finally, I created three small hills for a Zuchinni, Pumpkin, and Honeydew melon. All of these newly planted seedlings this week came from plant swaps/exchanges I've attended over the past month and so they are free!

Thinking on it, so far the only money I have spent on the plot was the rental fee of $30, $1 for the bright string at the local dollar store, and about $5 for seed potatoes. I'm going to try to keep track of any other garden plot expenses I may have this year and see if I can figure out the costs versus the dollar value of what I actually grow. Of course, the expenses will not include overhead and my time, but it will be interesting to see the end results.

Ladybug visitor

BTW, I think it is a very good sign that one of the first visitors to my plot was this little ladybug. Sweet!


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