Look it up at the Tulip Library

The National Park Service Tulip Library was super-crowded last weekend when I went down for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The tulip blooming had reached its peak a bit early this year, but I think if you go down there in the next week or so, you'll still have plenty to see. The bad part is there are no name/variety labels on the tulip beds and all the paper guides are long gone from the box on-site. I looked online and have not located a guide either. Which is too bad, as the whole point of the Tulip Library IMHO is to use it as a browsing and shopping guide for what to select for your own home gardens. I'm checking in now with NPS press office and am hoping they can send me the file as they have done in previous years or at least give us a link to where they may have it posted online. I'll post an update here if I get anything further.


Anonymous said…
The tulips are gorgeous.
Swimray said…
Must be budget cuts. I have not seen the guide (map of the beds) in the past two years. As you point out, no guide this year, either.

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