Get Preppy in the Garden

Pink, green, white, and black are the classic Preppy colors and also the predominant colors of my mid-spring garden. Here are just a few of my favorites that are now flowering for this month's Garden Blogger Bloom Day. (Click on the pics to see at a larger size.) From top to bottom: bleeding heart, lily of the valley, PJM rhododendron, 'Angelique' tulip, pink hellebore, pot of pansies and 'Fragrant Rose' daffodils, variegated foliage 'China Town' tulip*, 'Spring Green tulip, Japanese barberry, white hellebore, and 'Black Parrot' tulip open plus closed.

BTW, Is it just me or does it seem like EVERYTHING has burst into blooom at the same time here in the Washington, DC region. My lilacs, crabapple tree, dogwood, Carolina jasmine vine, Lily of the Valley, etc. all seem to have jumped a month ahead of time. What will be left for late spring to look forward to?

What's blooming in your garden?

*Thank you to Becky Heath of Brent & Becky's Bullbs in Gloucester, VA, for the ID help on this one.


Crystal said…
Yes, everything really *popped* all of a sudden, it's pretty amazing. Fortunately, my shadier backyard is more on schedule, and I still have rhodendrons and azaleas that have not yet bloomed.

Thanks for the help with my shrub earlier!
Snap said…
Everything is lovely. We were wondering just what kind of blooms we would have after our horrible winter. It's been surprisingly pleasing! And, I have more room to plant *new the garden* goodies to replace what didn't survive the winter. An adventure!
Great attitude, Snap.
And thank for stopping by, Crystal :-)
Gardeners south of the border have had spring commence all at once, while gardeners in Canada are still trying to catch up. Lovely pictures of your blooms. Have a wonderful day.
Katie said…
LOVE your preppy garden! ;) cool idea!

BTW: have you read the book "Prep" by Curtis Sittenfeld? The cover of the book is a pink, green and white belt a-la Martha's Vineyard ish stuff.

Happy Bloom Day!
min hus said…
Very pretty and some unique blooms too! I need some hellebores!
Ann Flower said…
You have posted awesome picture of flowers. Flowers bring so much joy to those who have the time enjoy them.
It's so nice to see things booking along after the reports we kept hearing of nonstop snow. The black parrot tulip is particularly intriguing: It looks a bit like the flower out of Little Shop of Horrors. Nice bloom day post.
CitySlipper - the Black Parrot does indeed have "character" and it really looks "black" in early eve I find.
Katie - have not read Prep, will look for it next time I'm at Borders.
Threads, Min, Ann, and all - thanks so much for stopping and commenting - c'mon back whenever you like :-)
Melody said…
Have you noticed how many pictures of hellebores include fingers - lol. Maybe we should plant them in hanging baskets above our heads.

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