Blog Action Day - What's Blooming in My Garden

In honor of Blog Action Day theme of Climate Change and Garden Blogger's Boom Day, I'm proud to add this new blue "bloom" to my garden. Washington Gardener Magazine is all about being green and I've made great strides in making the print publications environmentally friendly including used 50% recycled paper and soy ink in our printing, but I'm always looking for ways to improve our energy and resource efficiency. I've talked, blogged, and wrote letters to the editor many times before about my efforts to source locally and with the least impact on the environment as possible. This past week my final paperwork was processed switching the Washington Gardener headquarters (i.e. my house) to 100% wind power energy, hence the new blue "flower" in the garden.
   On my wish list now is adding a second rain barrel for my side edible garden, too bad I don't have it already today. As you can see in the photo, we are getting a half-inch today and more over the next few days. Hope my new plantings are happy!


Congrats Kathy! You not only walk the walk, talk the talk, now you right the write....
edwin sanchez said…
Once the deep mystery of “climate change” has been solved
And “What’s green and causes CC?” is no longer a popular riddle,
The legacy of the era most likely will be:
“Never in recorded history have so many made so much over so little”.
(With apologies to the late, great Winston Churchill).
Now that has to be about the prettiest flower I've seen. Big congrats on your accomplishment!!!
Wendy said…
Saturday night and it's still raining!!!!
Daniel said…
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THanks, Daniel! Our printer, Mosaic Print in Cheverly, MD, has a water recapture system, FSC-certified, and is green. Most of all, they are local and that is our top criteria for our sourcing. Check them out at

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