See me, hear me, feel me.

Okay, maybe not "feel me" so much, I bruise easily. You can hear me though as I'm on WAMU Metro Connection at 1:00pm today. We chat about our current Washington Gardener Magazine Summer 2009 issue cover story on growing grapes plus a bit about hops as well. It reruns this weekend and will be archived online this afternoon so you can listen even if you are out of the area.

You can see me as I'm judging a Tomato Challenge on Saturday morning at the Giant in McLean ,VA. There will be BIG prizes and you should definitely enter if you have any nice, ripe tomatoes on the vine now.

The following weekend, 8/22, is our second annual Tomato Tasting at the Silver Spring FreshFarm Farmers Market from 10am-12noon and then the "Canning & Preserving" talk by Liz Falk at the HSW-DC from 1-2:30pm as part of the Urban Gardening talk series. Both of these 8/22 events are totally free and open to the general public.

BTW Do you give garden talks and are you in the greater DC-region? I'm putting together a speaker's bureaus for local garden clubs and others to book garden-related speakers.
If you are looking to book a garden speaker, just drop me a note. We have a great list already going of our Washington Gardener Magazine authors and sources.

Feeling like you have a blog post in you? I'm looking for guest bloggers to write a bit about their local DC-area gardens. You can tell us about a triumph, failure, or struggle in your own garden -- like dealing with late-blight or drought. Or maybe you feel like a public garden you saw lately is so great that the world needs to know. If you want to do a guest blog, just write it up and send it over.


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