Pond Tour Photos - which is your fave?

Three of us from the Takoma Hort Club -- Linette, Taffy and I -- ventured out together and managed to get to 10 of the 34 properties on the 2009 Parade of Ponds Tour. We did it in a bit more than four hours and we even dawdled at a few to chat with the gardeners if they were at home when we arrived. See my photo gallery here.

Last night at the club's annual summer potluck picnic, we compared notes with others in the club who made their own Parade of Pond treks. Many of us saw the same properties, but, of course, we were anxious to hear most about the ponds that got away an vowed to make those tops on our list for "next year." We all had our favorites and a few we'd say "skip" -- though funny that those same "skips" were inevitably someone else's faves! I guess we all see things so differently don't we? One pond/garden I truly disliked and would definitely rate as a "skip" because as I stood taken pics, I was bitten by chiggers and harassed by mosquitoes, while I'll the rest of the properties were bug-free. Now looking back at the tour photos, I have to say the "buggy" yard was actually pretty darn nice too.


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