ISO Community Garden Plots

We are constantly being asked for locations of local community garden plots and are trying to create a comprehensive listing for everyone to use as a resource. We have it started here.

Thanks to Bea, Mandy, and Judy for the big head start on the DC listings! Now, we need YOUR help adding any that are not on this listing page. We know there are garden plots at retirement homes, apartment complexes, and on government property that are hidden and only known of by word-of-mouth. We want to hear about them!

Share your community garden plot information with me us emailing me directly at Please pass this blog posting along to any other local area gardeners you may know.


Anonymous said…
A very awesome idea and good luck with the listings.
Thanks, FGG. I'm getting lots of "I know of one down the road from me" notes, but no actual details I can list -- I'd really like to hear from those actual garden plot managers out there!
Regina Kreger said…
I've got a sunny half acre lot, I'd love to find someone to "farm" it. I've posted on hyperlocavore and, want to get the word out all over. I'm in Riverdale Park, MD.

regina at kreger dot net
HI Regina -

My best advice is to post your available lot to the Washington Gardener yahoo list. Go to to join and post your notice. If no one in thegroup is interested, I'm sure they will pass on the information and you'll soon have an interest.
Anonymous said…
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