Bloom Day Bulbing Over

For Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, here are a bunch of my early spring blooms -- February Gold daffodils, Tete-a-tete (mini) daffodils, 'Cantab' Dutch iris, snowdrops, crocus, and the hyacinths are just opening today too. The pink blossoms with yellow centers shown are my returning primroses tucked under a groundcover juniper by my back door. Also in bloom are hellebores and heather.

It has been a cloudy, drizzly, and chilly weekend, but we need to rain badly so I'm not complaining. My Winter Jasmine is just ending and my Forsythia is budding up. I have already forced two batches of Forsythia branches indoors and will cut another this week as it really brightens up my kitchen.


Hey Kathy, you have a nice showing. Happy Bloom Day
NellJean said…
Daffodils have always been a passion of mine. I'm switching to hyacinths after reviewing my failure/success rate.
Thank you, Helen.

NellJean, Hyacinths like great drainage - I think the only reason mine are returning so well for me this year is due to our semi-drought. Otherwise, they usually rot in our clay soils.
HappyMouffetard said…
Your hyacinths look great - mine are a bit sparse on the flower front this year. I don't think I look after them enough after they have finished blooming.
Gail said…
You have a great show of blooms for Bloom Day! I've decided that more crocus is needed in my garden! gail
Anonymous said…
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