Photo Contest Winners Announced

I still have a great deal to do post-Seed Exchange , but I did not want to keep you all in suspense any longer if you were not able to attend the awards ceremony last Saturday. Here, listed below, are our winners ofthe 2009 Washington Gardener Magazine Photo Contest.

The winning photos will be published in the March/April 2009 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine and will be on display at a local photo show. I have posted a few here, but these small, low-res versions hardly do them justice.

You are ALL invited to the photo show opening reception. It is in the early eve on Friday, March 27 at the World Building in downtown Silver Spring, MD (on Georgia Avenue near the DC border). Full details coming soon.

2009 Washington Gardener Magazine Photo Contest Winners List

Grand Prize
Richard Paul Weiblinger
Image: Lillie6307

First Prize – Small Wonders
Ed Knepley
Image: Lotus Macro

Second Prize – Small Wonders
Maria Ramos
Image: Life in Green

Third Prize – Small Wonders
Nan McCoy
Image: Good Morning Glory

Honorable Mentions – Small Wonders
~ Ed Knepley
Image: “Say Ahhhh” Iris macro (pictured second from top)
~ Mario Ramos
Image: Simply White

First Prize – Garden Views
Dudley Warner
Image: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Lilypad Pool

Second Prize – Garden Views
Danielle Koontz
Image: Trees abstract Great Falls Nat Park

Third Prize – Garden Views
Mario Ramos
Image: Colors (pictured at bottom)

Honorable Mentions – Garden Views
~ Ray Lehr
Image: Fall Morning
~ Liesl Wiederkehr
Image: Fields of Gold

First Prize – Garden Creatures
William B. Folsom
Image: Meadowlark8

Second Prize – Garden Creatures
Richard Paul Weiblinger
Image: Butterfly9879 (pictured at top)

Third Prize – Garden Creatures
Grace Gary
Image: Frog in “Black” Pond

Honorable Mentions – Garden Creatures
~ Benjamin G. Sullivan
Image: Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly
~ Ray Lehr
Image: DragonFly


Nikki said…
Hi Kathy,

Thanks again for writing your guest blog on Gardens 'n' Gardening. I hope we can work together in the future!

Anonymous said…
Who is the judge for this photo contest?
Anon - our judge this year was Katherine Lambert, an accomplished studio photographer and also a local gardener. We do not talk abut our judges much or disclose them in advance as we have experienced inappropriate behavior by some contestants who try to contact or unduly influence them. Sad, but true.
Anonymous said…
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Thanks for sharing the informative with us..

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