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So the March/April '09 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is finally printing and out of my hair for now, that let me turn my time back over to other activities like preparing for our Philadelphia Flower Show trip next week. (Still a few spaces left - sign up now!) I was talking to one friend yesterday about what the Philly Flower Show is actually like. How to explain it? Like "Disneyland for Gardeners" sounds like hype, but really it isn't. Maybe I should under-sell it and say it is like a flower show - but BIG. It is the largest and oldest such event in the world, yet comparisons are all relative and is bigger and older really better?

Well, I went over to the show's web site intending to shoot her the link so she could read up on it herself when lo I find they have added a new show blog that follows the show set-up and behind-the-scenes of it all. I'm not sure their blog would sell anyone on the event who hasn't already experienced it, but it is a great tease for those of us looking for clues of what we'll be viewing next week. This photo of Moda Botanica's exhibit under construction, for example, could go a lot of ways -- Seussian floral arrangements? Formal Italian villa? Mystical Fairie forest? Can't wait to see.


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