New Poster Says It All

On my way to WUSA9TV to do the "Gifts for Gardeners" segment early this morning, I pulled out the new ReadyMade magazine to read on the bus ride. As usual, most of the projects are just not for me. Like the table made of scavenged parts including an old skateboard, pretty interesting, but I'm never do it nor would I want it in my home. But the reason I like ReadyMade so much is not necessarily that I'd actually make any of the actual projects they show, but that it gets you THINKING and inspired. And that, my friend, is pretty rare on the newsstand these days.

One cool thing in the issue was an article on reinventing the WPA-era posters for today. This one at left, has me jazzed. I want to see it on every t-shirt, tote bag, and billboard in the nation. You can get it as a PDF FREE DOWNLOAD. The art is by Christopher Silas Neal. He says, “Solving the world’s energy and food problems would do a great deal to strengthen the global economy, prevent disease, and reverse the effects of climate change. The original Victory Garden program was designed to ease pressure on the public agricultural supply and support the war effort by encouraging families to grow their own food. I wanted to expand this idea to the broader concept of buying and eating local food.” See more of Christopher’s work at


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