GreenFestival is Here, at last!!!

Everyone I know is sick and tired of me talking about how great the GreenFestival is -- how it is the only show that does things RIGHT. Like the food - not hockey-puck convention center hamburgers, but instead delicious catered Indian food, vegan mac & cheese, yummy pastries, samples of fair-trade chocolate, and lots more. You won't starve there or hate yourself in the morning. Then there is the fact that they actually compost any food waste and recycle all the paper and other products consumed at the show. Anyone who has worked shows before knows the tremendous amount of waste that one event can generate. The mountains of cardboard boxes, paperwork, food containers, etc. are just shameful in that they are rarely re-used or recycled. Did I mention you can attend for FREE? That's right, you can volunteer, donate books, help an exhibitor, etc. and get in for $0. I could go on, but I'll spare you. Instead I'll share here my top 5 picks for speakers to go see at GreenFest this year:

1. Cradle to Cradle: A World of Good Design ~ William McDonough
2. Greener Gardening ~ Joe Lamp’l, The Joe Gardener Company
3. Urban Vegetable Gardening ~ Ed Bruske, DC Urban Gardeners
4. Demonstration: Apartment-scaled Composting with Worms ~ Lindsay Paige Savoie
5. From Eco-weak to Eco-chic ~ Sylvia Wright, The Wright Scoop

We are in booth #644 - hope to see you there!
Ed's talk did not happen, but the other four did - I went by each for a few seconds each just to check out the crowd and say, "hi!" to the speakers, if I hadn't already seen them that day. All were well attended with folks thirsty for green gardening knowledge. Which reminds me I need to get in gear and send in a speaker proposal for next year's event as soon as they open that up.


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