Ghostly Winds

Due to a weather advisory of hazardous winds (50 mph on up), my video shoot with was postponed until Friday when the forecast looks more friendly. I'm glad we did put it off as it gives me more time to prep and view others' videos. Plus, as I sit here all cozy and bundled up at my computer, I can hear the high winds howling outside. Went out at lunch to retrieve one of my recycling bins from the street and move some fallen branches. Days like today make me very grateful I can set my own schedule and not have to work outdoors.

In other news, a fellow DCWebWomen picked up on a discussion list thread about ghost-written blogs here: "Ghosts" are here to stay well beyond Halloween which included a quote from yours truly. I don't know why it gets me so riled, but dishonest those who pass off other's writing as their own really raises my hackles. Surely I'm not alone in being miffed at fakers in all walks of life. If you must have your company or personal blog writing farmed out, then be up front about it -- give the guest or staff blogger credit. Disguises and masks are for Halloween not everyday life and certainly not suitable for a reputable business.


FirePhrase said…
Thank you for name checking Katie Couric in your comment. You know me hatie Katie, and this was just one more reason. Having your blog ghost written is something you'd expect from an entertainer, not a journalist. Whoops. Answered my own question there. And anyway, Britney Spears may be crazy as a box of frogs, but at least she writes the bat guano that's on her site herself.
At least we HOPE Brit's is self-written -- hate to think a paid pro was doing that! And if one is, they are a master of a new art form! LOL

And yes, certain blogs should be self-written or not at all - namely if someone IS purportedly a professional writer.

I have no problem with a say a photographer, florist, or a cosmetics maven hiring out their blog writing - just don't pretend - it is just tacky and will come back to bite you in the butt when folks find out (and they eventually will).

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