TerraCycle GiveAway

Congratulations to Nina Bang-Jensen of Chevy Chase, MD! She is the winner of the August 2008 Washington Gardener Reader Contest, for a pair of eco-friendly products from TerraCycle, Inc.

The first unique product is TerraCycle’s Urban Art Planting Pot. This lightweight, durable planting pot is made entirely from used plastic, the majority of which is salvaged from discarded electronic equipment and wrecked automobiles. More then just environmentally beneficial the TerraCycle Urban Art Planting Pot is socially beneficial as well. Every one of these unique planting pots is hand painted by inner city artists at TerraCycle’s headquarters in Trenton, NJ. TerraCycle recruited artists from the Trenton-area, giving these talented artists the opportunity to earn money by positively expressing their art form. The pots are painted in bright color schemes and come in several different styles and colors, making each one stylish and unique. (The pot in our contest is blue -- similar to the one pictured here.)

The second product is TerraCycle’s organic Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Spikes. The Fertilizer Spikes are made from worm poop, chicken poop, and other natural ingredients that are pressed into spikes, which can be hammered into the ground for feeding trees and shrubs. The Fertilizer Spikes have a balanced formula of the three primary nutrients designed for trees and shrubs. TerraCycle guarantees an NPK analysis of 6-3-4. Unlike some other organic and all-natural fertilizers, the TerraCycle Fertilizer Spikes have no unpleasant odor, but instead have a natural, earthy smell. The are made from all natural ingredients and packaged in reused two liter plastic bottles.

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