Drinking Ants

Okay so I have picked no mulberries so far - unless you count the 2-3 I picked to test for ripeness as I passed the nearby trees. They were sweet and good, but I haven't had 5 minutes to go back and gather more or even check in with you all on this blog.

The July/August 08 issue of the magazine is now done, laid out, proofed, and at the printer. I've been spending the last few days furiously getting ready for our Open Garden on Friday. I have tried to get help from some local teens offering their lawn care and weeding services - so far lots of calls and none have actually showed up. Oh well, I more a DIY person anyway.

Yesterday I think I was delirious from the heat and intensive pruning because I reached for my can of Coke and drank a big long draw before I even looked at it for bees or wiped the top off. My payback? A mouthful of tiny ants! A big surprise for them and for me. I spat and rinsed and repeated, I still feel like I may have swallowed more than a few of those buggers. This is not half as cool or funny a story as Ozzy Osborne infamously snorting a "line" of ants. At least I can say I was sober for it and was not purposely consuming them. Every time I hear that Ozzy story I picture those poor ants and their last thoughts as the giant nostril nears them, "WTF?!"
It was a good lesson to learn though as it shows me that any food or drink I put out Friday can be overrun by ants within minutes so I'll be keeping a close eye on things now. Better I have eaten those ants then my guests!
(Photo by Scott Bauer USDA-ARS)


FirePhrase said…
Considering the state of Ozzy's sinus cavity, he could probably snort straight cayenne and not know the difference.

I lived in an apartment built on desert land in Phoenix. I learned very quickly to shake out my shoes before putting them on. You never knew what kind of critters might have decided they had found a cozy place to take a nap.
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