Listing Another Busy Weekend

Here is the online link to this week's The List: Top Home & Garden Events on page 19 of today's print edition in the Washington Examiner. You can find the Examiner in the many red street-boxes around town. I saved a screen capture of the listing as a JPG and posted it here -- which you can click on to read at 100%.

Item #1 is the Takoma Park House & Garden Tour. You'll find me at 517 Cedar, which is a garden-only stop on the tour. I'll be there on Sunday from 1-3pm - then quickly running through the rest of the tour myself so I can make it over to St. Michael's by 5pm for our spring planting and landscape spruce-up. We are planning a new sun perennial bed around the Mary statue by the rectory entrance. I'm taking plenty of photos in anticipation of some nice before-afters to share.
My TOP event that I submitted -- the Cathedral Flower Mart -- along with our staff photographer's photo taken at it last year -- was used on page 17's listing of "Best Gatherings." instead of with our listing. No matter, at least it made it in.
I'll be at the Flower Mart in space 71 near the information booth all day Friday and Saturday. I'm just hoping I don't get the same "I can't read" folks who kept mistaking me for the information ladies like last year! I don't mind helping the first 20 or so folks, but after that it does get just a BIT tedious, not too mention interferes with my business and reasons for being there.


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