An exhausting weekend at the FONA and Monastery sales, found me in bed at 9:00pm last night -- unheard of for me since... well, can't recall having done that in ages! This rainy Monday is not helping put any more pep back into me either. So tempting to just retire to the coach where the cat is begging me to join her and snuggle. Lots to do though before I can get to that position tonight -- the Silver Spring Garden Mart approaches on May 10 and I'm on PR overdrive for that as well as mailing out the latest big batch of subscription orders, updating our web site, and following up on lots of little things that I postponed this past harried week. I finally made a haircut appointment and am looking forward to soon being able to see and not having my bangs constantly poking me in the eyes.

A bit of catch-up, my friend Emily Lagana is president of the Coventry Estates HOA in Gambrills, MD. and I lent her some photos and text for their new newsletter and she put a nice promotion page for the magazine in it. I'd post it here, but it is a PDF and but too big a file. Be happy to forward it, for those who care to see it.

Pictured here is a sweet tulip that Brent and Becky Heath sent me last January. I put them all out in the sidewalk strip. They are up now and the variegated foliage really is striking. If my brain fog clears and I recall the variety or I come across the shipping list, I'll post exactly what it is.


FirePhrase said…
Saw they had rough weather a little south of you. Hope everything's right and tight in your neck of the woods.

Yes, the bizarre weather was south of us and to my knowledge, no one I know was impacted -- may prayer's are with those who were --though tornados are not common around here, they do happen and we even have the occasional earth tremors.
Marie said…
A beautiful tulip like that will definately catch our eye! I just love taking that beauty and making it movable with container gardening. It is easy so anyone can do it... check it out the linked website.
It makes for Traveling Beauty!!! :-)
Marie said…

Living in a wild weather area, I know what it is like to only see a few lone flowers survive. I ended that era of my life when I found the great tips to help my bulb planting be perfect. I learned that with the proper tools.... the bulb strength can be strengthened by planting techniques. Check out the tips!

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