Top of the Morning - it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It is not morning anymore nor the actual Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I'm late on both accounts, but I couldn't resist an Irish greeting on St. Patrick's Day. Though I'm not even one drop Irish, I wore some green. I remember those school day pinchings all too well!

This post's subject line reminds me of Fr. Cronin, pastor of my parish (St. Michael's in downtown Silver Spring, MD) for several years until his untimely death at age 50, used to say "top of the morning" to the congregation and expect "and the rest of the day to you" in response. He'd get it with some gusto from the children in attendance, which seemed to tickle him. He was 100% Irish and I'll never forget his love of bagpipes, his standing-room-only funeral, or the way he described a misty spring morning as "a fine soft day."

Picture here are some of my bloomers. This weekend's sun and rain really accelerated spring. It has definitely sprung in these parts. I have: daffodils, dutch iris, crocus, hellebore, flowering plum trees, forsythia, winter jasmine, primroses, and vinca. No need to go over the inside bloomers this month with so much going on outdoors -- hurray!

BTW you can now posts comments again! I was starting to feel really lonely and think no one was visiting until GardenRanter Susan Harris let me know blogspot had reset my preferences and was only allowing those with Google accounts to post!


Carol said…
Let me be the first to comment and wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day and a belated Happy Bloom Day. I know how busy the middle of the month is for you.

I've added you to the growing list of bloom day bloggers on my blog post from yesterday. You are #79, if I've kept count correctly. I'm tickled "green" that so many have participated!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Thanks, Carol! That is a great list of links and bloom day participants -- it is sure to grow as the season progresses.
Anonymous said…
Wow, your yard sounds glorious, Kathy. Mine is not so far along; I have spirea, hellebores, crocuses, a lone snowdrop, and daffodils with fat buds just about to burst open. I love the flowers, but am almost as excited by the swelling buds and newly emerging leaves--blueberries, hydrangea, poppies, lupine, columbine, grannies' bonnets. So much promise of things to come!
I did forget to list the last few snowdrops still hanging on.
And Rachel, I bet you are like me and can't resist feeling the plump buds on your plants. I go around molesting my weeping cherry trees, lilacs, etc. - checking how fat and big the buds have swollen. Why do I have this impure urge?

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