Guerilla Lunch - Just Bananas!

The Creative-SS Lunch Bunch I've formed will be meeting again this Friday at 1:00 for lunch at La Bamba. The discussion topic is Guerilla Marketing. This group was designed for creative work-from-home folks in the greater Silver Spring, MD area, but all are welcome. This is FREE, no strings, and no RSVP needed -- just show up. Buy your own lunch or watch us eat :-).
It'd be a big help if people brought the following to the lunch:
1. Business cards/brochures/work samples - I'd say bring at least 20 to pass out to other attendees.
2. A name tag - this is your chance to show your creativity! Make one that reflects your business and you can even wear it at other networking events - a mega-good conversation starter. Plus, if you are like me, you hate killing a tree and wearing those fugly "hello my name is.." stickers. Don't make me have to start bringing a pack of those dull things to these events! My newly spiffed-up name tag is pictured here.
3. Bring at least 3 examples of ways that you have used Guerilla Marketing to promote your creative business.


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