New Year's Garden Resolutions now out in new WG Enews issue

The January 15, 2008 Washington Gardener Enews issue is now out and posted to our archives site here. The feature story is on New Year's Resolutions for the garden and gardener themselves. I have to confess that I'm not much for resolutions myself. I prefer a more seat-of-the-pants goal-setting pace -- meaning when I see a problem I try to fix it right then and there. Many times though I'm swamped with other things, so I see the problem and right it down in my To-Do list to fix it intending to do so asap, but then keep transferring that item to subsequent To-Do lists until I get sick of re-writing and finally do it or just let it fall off the list entirely at some point. Really, how many times do I need to remind myself "turn compost pile"? After a while I have to face reality of my limited time and resources and admit that it is just not doing to get done. When are my garden gnomes going to get the hint and pick up the slack?
PS To the hellebore bud pictured above, WHEN are you going to open for me. I'm waiting!


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