The "Best" Garden in Baltimore

Today's email inbox brought over 300 emails (as usual!) among them was one from Gardener's Supply featuring these colorful clogs in a garden setting. I adore this image. Ever since I got their new cataloga few weeks ago, I've been dreaming of ordering a pair in every color they have and making my own such garden display. Sure I already own 5 pairs of Crocs and various other garden clogs, but I don't have any pink or brown or yellow -- yet! In that same Gardener's Supply email notice I saw a link to a customer video by Alegra Best, Baltimore, MD. Too curious, I had to drop my other tasks and watch. She starts off by saying in tongue-in-cheek that she has the "best" garden in Baltimore and by the end of the video I think you'll be agreeing with her. Very inspirational!

On a side note, Gardener's Supply has donated to our upcoming Washington Gardener Seed Exchange a cute Pour & Store Watering Can for our door prize drawing. If you have yet to sign up to attend the event, no worries! Just fill out the registration form and bring it with you to the Seed Exchange. Onsite registration begins at 12:00noon and the program starts at 12:30. All takes place at Brookside Gardens this Saturday, January 26.


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