Penguin Fever

March of the Penguins was "okay." Happy Feet was just alright, despite the stellar use of Prince songs. You want penguins to swoon over? Take a look at these felted penguins created by the staff of Green Spring Gardens who created many wonderful bird-themed holiday decor vignettes all over the property. The penguin-graced mantel is on display in the Green Spring's manor house at the public gardens in Fairfax County, VA. I got am up-close look at them during the recent Gardener's Open House they held there. The decorations will be on view until early January. I fell in love with these cuties, but they are not for sale! Too bad, I would've scooped them all up. I'm not the only one, seems many others became enchanted and the staff is discussing making more to sell in their gift shop next holiday season as well as offering a class in felting and how to make these fabulous, flightless birds. I'll be first in line for both.


FirePhrase said…
OMG - Soooo cute! Are those knitted? If they are, I'm cruising the internet for a pattern!
They are not knitted - instead they are felted, which may take longer but probably takes less skill. I bet though that you could knit them -- maybe a google search wil turn up a similar pattern or knitted animal creatures.

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