Love That New Mag Smell

The September/October 2007 of Washington Gardener is now out. This issue is all about Succulents that are hardy in our region. The article on sedums is especially good. They are a great "no fail" plant, especially for beginners, and one I love to share since it is so easy to propagate. My 'Autumn Joy' and 'Neon' sedums are looking especially good in this drought period. I'll take a few pics of them and share them in a later post.

This issue was put in the mail stream over a week ago, which is always a crapshot -- some subscribers will get it today, others will get it in 3-4 weeks. It is a similar game of chance with getting it into stores. Though I know for a fact that there are 10 copies sitting on display in Alchemy right now and another 5 should be out at the USNA Arbor House by today. Should also be in DC-area Barnes & Noble, Borders, and B. Dalton shortly as well - but as I say - seems up to the whims of the gods no matter how much I sacrifice to them at my compost pile.

Our August 2007 Washington Gardener Reader Contest winner is Wendy Bell of Takoma Park, MD. She received a big, healthy Cranes Bill Hardy Geranium ‘Rozanne’ perennial plant (worth $15) donated by The Perennial Farm. We profiled this plant in our current (July/August 2007) issue of Washington Gardener Magazine. This geranium is heat-resistant and drought-hardy. It has one of the longest bloom times of any hardy geranium. No surprise that it has been named 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year and will be available in a garden centers everywhere next spring. Stay tuned for our September 2007 Washington Gardener Reader Contest to be announced soon.


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