Officially a "Prize Winning Garden"

At the fair yesterday I quickly checked my entries. They shifted the displays all around so it was a bit tough to locate all of them. I won at least four ribbons including a first place for my Cosmos flower. The irony is that the few Cosmos plants I have this year are volunteers that self-sowed from one packet of Martha Stewart brand seeds I put in three years ago. Some would consider them weeds, but I let them grow where they fall and occasionaly cut a few for indoor bouquets. That's it -- no watering, fertilizing, grooming, or pampering in any way. Meanwhile, the tomatoes and other flowers I'd fussed over failed to place at all. Go figure.


Ed Bruske said…
My cosmos--rather, the cosmos at my daughter's school--are volunteers also. They look just as good as the originals we planted last year, only they're in different places. Ain't nature grand?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Maybe they'll make a good addition the next time you make a Easter bonnet. Put them trailing off the back and say "What? These old things? I just had them laying around the house." Then flutter your eyes modestly.

LOL - Yes, JB - maybe I can make a whole dress of them luke the ?-mark suit guy or the Amex credit card dress.

And yes, Ed - nature is grand ;-) Sometimes I feel like 'why bother' she'll take care of herself, but in a drought like we are now experiencing I know better.

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