I finally took a few minutes to fill out my application to be a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Federation a few weeks ago. Had this on my long "to do" list for literally a couple years now! Truth be told, I was stalling cause those original yard signs they had were butt-ugly and I was not about to pay for one of those and put that up in my yard. (I'll let you digest your last meal and not show it here. If you must see it -- here is a link to one. The colors are dreadful, worse in real life than what is pictured. It reminds me of all the flesh-tone houses I see in the DC suburbs. Why, oh why, is that color ever chosen by anyone? Who goes to the paint store and says, "You know, I like the look of a pasty white man's stomach flab - can you match that? I'm convinced these folks are the same ones who think "jeans go with everything" and wear fanny packs to the movies.)

So my certificate and beautiful new yard sign arrive last week. I'm all excited and immediately put the sign out in a very visible spot in my front yard than go to brag about it on my blog - then who steals my thunder? That be-atch, Martha Stewart! Seriously, I love you like a sister, Martha, but you couldn't throw me a bone and wait a few more days? Now I look like another Martha copycat! Well, I suppose there are far worse people I could be compared to or mistaken for -- I'm talking to you, Charlie Dimmock. ;-)


Anonymous said…
You haven't been running around sans foundation garments have you? I think wearing a sturdy brassiere while shoveling and weeding is part of the qualifications for being a wildlife habitat. Don't want to scare away the birdies.

I DO wear a bra - though I definitely could use a new wardrobe of them now that you mention it - some are probably older than Zac Efron.
Blair said…
Not being one to pass on something so obvious... I'm a trifle concerned by the Martha Stewart comparison. Where will you be serving your sentence? Will you still be able to post updates here? I had no idea that insider trading on ornamental plants was illegal.

Somewhat more seriously (I'm always eager to learn something new), what's the significance of having your yard declared a "wildlife habitat"? (If it gets one out of mowing, I may want to sign up too!!)
vonlafin said…
Oh great, I didn't know that Martha had certified her estate. I bet she even did all the planting herself like the rest of us!
Blair, there are a LOT of illegal plant activities that one can get in trouble for (from patent infringement to smuggling of exotics from overseas). Res assured I am keeping my nose clean. Those women-prison movies from the '50s did their job well = I'm scared straight.
And yes, if you go whole hig with a wildlife habitat for your yard - mowing is indeed a thing of the past! Start by planting beds full of perennials/shrubs like coneflower, blackeyed susans, and coreopsis. Then keep expanding them until no lawn is left to deal with. One wayto remove a lot of lawn territory real fast is to dig your own small pond - and the wildlife will come flocking to your yard.
Vonlafin - Glad to see a Hoosier in the house! And yes, I'm sure Martha will have plenty of segments this fall detailing her wildlife habitat creation process. Hope her frenchies and chows leave said wildlife alone!
THort member said…
This reminds me to do the same -- thanks for linking to NWF -- am downloading and sending it in!

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