Cat & Mouse

Chantilly finally catches her mouse (or perhaps it is a vole?). A very proud moment for our household. While I gardened, her vigil was almost constant -- to the point of obsession. For the past year or so, she has spent several hours practically every day staring at the hole under my bird feeder. Her hard work has paid off and pictured here is the prize. My sympathies to the victim's family, but I did lavish praise on kitty and gave her extra treats for this crowning achievement. Now the neighborhood rodents are on notice -- you mess with the cat, you get the claws.


Matt said…
definitely a vole; look at the teeth!
You know I did a Google search of Vole pics to see if I found any matches - all the images I found look like pet hamsters!
I do agree though that it is probably a Vole -- especially in that the burrow and habits are more Vole-like than mouse-like.
I have Vole-block pellets product to test out -- now off to search out any holes that may be out there other than the obvious one under the bird feeder.
Any vole combat advice out there, besides keeping Chantilly on the prowl?

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